Miami Beach real estate investing


Investors are reaping high returns from the Miami Beach real Estate industry. Finding responsible tenants for the homes is, however, proving to be of great concern.  Real estate agents are looking for a person who will take good care of the rented premises and pay their rents on time. This will ensure that they enjoy their investments for a long time without having to do major renovations or waiting for payments over long duration. There is, however, a legal obligation for all landlords to ensure compliance with all requirements for rental premises if they are dealing with level 8 tenants. The process for renting a premise to a level 8 tenant is as follows:

Finding a Tenant

The Miami-Dale Housing Authority does the major work at this stage. It offers a marketing platform on which interested tenants can find vacant houses in different parts of the city Any interested landlord can request to be added to a list of vacant premises that are available in the housing authority’s list. Level 8 tenants are however not subject to paying the hefty deposits as is required for ordinary tenants. This is something that a landlord should be well aware of before agreeing to add a Miami Beach real estate into this list. They are required to be more flexible.

Voucher filling

There is a voucher that has to be filled by every tenant before the process progresses even if you want to move to Golden Beach Florida. Accuracy is needed when doing this since delays would cause serious delays. Any corrections have to be done by the applicant filling the voucher. This means that any mistakes will automatically be turned down until all concerns are addressed. Once everything is correctly filling into the voucher form, the field office continues with the process.


This is a very crucial step since the housing in BaL Harbour real estate authority has to compare the rental expectations of the tenants with the charges imposed by the landlord. If the Landlord’s demands are higher than the tenant’s expectations, the housing authority might make a call, requesting for the lowering of the rental requirements. If there is no agreement, the housing authority might have no other option but to cancel the contract.

Initial Inspection

An initial inspection is aimed at confirming if the real estate meets the requirement put in place by the housing authority. If the initial inspection fails to meet the set housing requirements, tenants might be forced to begin the application process gain. To avoid any negative feedback from the housing authority, renovations should be done on real estates to make them more habitable and remove any risks that a level 8 tenant is likely to be exposed to. These risks include exposed electric wires, broken windows, broken doors, and junks in the yard.

Increase of rent

The Miami Beach Real estate industry always has an annual increase of rent. This is however not an automatic process since landlords have to present such intentions formally to the housing authority early in advance. Trying to increase the rent after certification or after leasing the property would be rejected. The landlord also has to fill the forms correctly if an increase has to be accepted. Any errors made would lead to the rejection of such intentions. Failing to present the form to the authorities in time would also be of serious consequences on the landlord since an increase will not be accepted.

Annual inspections

Section 8 calls for the annual inspection of a rental property. Any concerns from the inspection will have to be addressed by the landlord if the contract is to remain as it is. The authority also has to specify the person who is to do the repairs.  There are some that are to be done by a tenant while others are the responsibility of a landlord. Repairs have to be made within 30 days or else the landlord stops receive rent payments until that is done. This ensures that the requirements by the authority are maintained throughout the year.

The first check for the rent always has some delays and might reach the landlord after approximately five months. However, the next checks will always reach the landlord each month without any delays. Patience, therefore, has to be observed during the first months as the first check is sent.